Under floor heating in conservatories

When you go to any conservatory outlet you will always see under floor heating as a choice for the heating, but is it a gimmick or a good idea?


• Under floor heating is not obtrusive, and is controlled by a small wall mounted programmer, which will control the floor temperature and switching times. One thing to remember that this is only back ground heating i.e. this will give you a warm floor if you have a stone floor and will take the chill off the conservatory, which may take up to 4 hrs from a cold start but it will not bring your conservatory up to say 70 deg’s which we all tend to consider as a good room temperature.


• Wall mounted convector heaters are very suitable for conservatories but will take up some wall space but you will find them easier to control and will give you warmth within let’s say 15 mins, these heaters are easy to control as they have a programers built in.


The choice is yours, as this tends to be a personal choice they both give you heat but in a different ways.

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