frequently asked questions
How long will I have to wait once I have placed my order?

Usually 3 to 5 weeks depending on style and design as well as our
order book.


Will I need planning permission?

This is assessed on each individual site and will depend on a number of requirements i.e. whether you have already extended, you are close to a road/footpath, the garden area will be reduced by more than 50% as well as many others.


If planning permission is required we can take care of all the necessary drawings and fees and incorporate it into the quote.


Where should I position my conservatory?

The position of your conservatory is your choice, but remember a north facing conservatory will get less sun than a south facing conservatory. Once you have made your choice, should it be north, south, east or west facing Apex will be able to give you advice on ventilation and heating so you can enjoy your conservatory all year round without having to worry if it will be too hot in summer or too cold in the winter.


How safe and secure will my conservatory be?

We use the highest specification toughened glass which conforms to BS 6206, if an accident does occur and a pane of glass is broken you can rest assured that the glass will shatter into small pieces rather than large, sharp and dangerous pieces.


As for security, we use multipoint locking systems on all our doors and windows and along with the toughened glass which is incredibly difficult to break giving you peace of mind to know your conservatory is both safe
and secure.


How much will my conservatory cost?

Unfortunately without seeing the site and talking though the various designs and options available to you it would be impossible to give an accurate price. Please give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free no obligation quote.


What guarantees do you offer?

We offer a full 10 year guarantee on all our conservatories and the peace of mind that we are only a phone call away should you ever need to contact us with a problem.

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