Energy Rating for Windows

The cost of heating your home today is higher than ever before, therefore it is essential to choose a window that is as thermally efficient as possible. The new energy rating systems for replacement windows is similar to that of electrical good which allows you to choose the efficiency of the product that you are buying. Windows are now rated on the same scale with ratings from A through to G with A being the most thermally efficient. At apex we only offer windows with a C rating or above and the main reasons for doing are:


1. Help Keep your home warmer

2. Cheaper heating bills

3. Better for the environment


There are a number of ways to increase the efficiency of a C rated window which can easily be achieved at a nominal extra cost at the installation stage but may save you a lot of money over time on your heating bills.


New technology and design of the double glazed unit is one way of achieving better insulation, this is done by changing the old aluminium spacer bar, which is highly conductive hence heat loss through the edge of the unit, to the polymer super spacer which is vastly more efficient. Another method is the introduction of Argon gas into the unit this again improve the insulation quality of the unit. It’s not just the glass unit that can help retain the heat the frame itself is evolving to too. The use of ridged plastic reinforcing as oppose to the old steel or aluminium is helping to reduce heat loss through the frame itself. It is also important to ensure that the window is installed into your home properly and that it is measured accurately to fit perfectly into the opening has a lot of heat can be lost around a poorly measured and fitted window.


By choosing an A rated window it is possible to increase the windows thermal efficiency by up to 30%.


Sound Insulation

If you live by the edge of a busy road rail or air network traffic noise can be a problem, this can be greatly reduced by the use of various different methods of glazing bring greater comfort to your home. If this is an issue for you contact to discuss the various options available to you.

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